Welcome to Shijiazhuang Zoo
Shijiazhuang Zoo is located in Huolu Town 17.5 kilometers away from the western central city, surrounded by Baodu Village, Panlong Lake, Fenglong Mountain, Cangyan Mountain, Tiangui Mountain and Wuyue Village.
The layout of the zoo is asymmetric, laid in the undulating Yinfeng Mountain, combining the natural scenery with artificial buildings perfectly. The zoo can be divided into 18 zones, namely gate zone, flamingo zone, science hall, wetland bird zone, administration zone, animal hall zone, monkey hill, service zone, children zoo zone, bird zone, alpine animal zone, raptor zone, Asian animal zone, African animal zone, Australian animal zone, liger valley, rurality area and recreation zone. The animal hall zone mainly consists of giraffe hall, elephant hall, amphibians hall, aquatic hall, panda hall, monkey hall, orangutan hall, mandrill hall and baboon hall.
The zoo totally houses more than 3,000 precious domestic and foreign animals that belong to over 250 species, including flamingos, golden monkeys, manchurian tigers, Indian elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, kangaroos, seals, cassowaries, white tigers, springboks, jackals and so on, among which white tigers, flamingos, gnus, hartebeests, white-faced wildebeests, mouflons, cassowaries, African coursers, otters, toucans, Amazon parrots etc are imported for the first time.
Considering the terrain, the physiognomy and the composition profiles of the plant community, the park was set corresponding garden facilities and recreation service.
Admission fee: RMB 40/adult; RMB 30/student
Opening hours: 08:30~17:00 in winter, 08:30~18:00 in summer
You can take the tour bus 5, 6 to the zoo directly.
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