Welcome to Song Dynasty Town
Hangzhou, 200 kilometers west of Shanghai, has built a theme park called "Song Dynasty Town", where tourists can learn about the daily life of a Song Dynasty resident. Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town is the first and the largest Song Dynasty culture theme park in China, keeping alive the folk customs of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127--1279) which was a period of prosperity and rapid technological advance in China.
"Give me one day, and I will return you a thousand years" is the slogan of the Song Dynasty Town. In fact, this largest theme park of Song culture is indeed worth a visit. The Song Dynasty Town is mainly composed of the Reproduction Area of "the Picture of the Bian River on Qingming Day", the Artistic Square Area, the Nine Dragon Column Complex Area, the Yinzhou Immortal Mountain Area and the South Song Palace Area, etc. The palace garden, relay station, store, workshop, market, Rainbow Bridge, city gate tower, Immortal Mountain, countryside and the folk customs and culture performances on the streets reproduce the prosperous scene of the Bianjing and Lin'an as capitals in the Song Dynasty.
Distinct Experience
With many artificial scenic spots, the Town itself is a right combination of realism and romanticism, based on but not limited to history, even embellished by some elements of Western heritage. The natural integration of the Town and the West Lake helps to promote the Song culture. All the things there bring Song style to life. It is funny to see yourself in a man-made Song world, characterized by distinct tradition, charm and rhythm.
The design of the town has also distinct gradation, lingering charm and ancient history. O­n the art arrangement of Chinese traditional hill and water garden in the town, the characters of brightness, elegance and utilization from western parks are absorbed, so the town is a really legendary, splendid and unforgettable unique o­ne for sightseeing. Civilization is the soul of the town, in the town beauty of natural water and hill gardens, beauty of custom and style, beauty of art and culture.
Colorful Culture and Exciting Shows
You can go to the legendary and splendid Town for an exciting night. As the Heaven Lamp Festival is on, many heaven lamps are rising in the Town and look so glorious, because they use a kind of special fuel. You will be excited when dancing around the campfire.
Shows and plays featuring Song culture are performed here daily. Around 2 million tourists come here annually, who are attracted by the large-scale dance and song drama - Thousand Years' Feeling of song Dynasty Town. The show was invested 60 million yuan and becomes the reputed program of the theme park and representative show in Hangzhou.
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