Welcome to South Asia Subtropical Botanical Garden
South Asia Subtropical Botanical Garden, regarded as one of eight scenic spots, is located at the bank of Huguang Rock in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province. The botanical garden is under the China Academy of Agricultural Sciences combining scientific research with popular science tourism. Its great achievements in scientific research and rich tropical plant resources make it a popular science educational base.
You can view the enchanting scenery, feel the fresh air and smell the fruit fragrance all year round in the botanical garden. more than 1,000 varieties of tropical plants are collected and cultivated there including mysterious sweet fruit, egg fruit, macadamia nut namely "the king of the world nuts", "fruit king in tropical area" and other tropical fruits; red sandalwood, Younan, Yinnigui and other valuable trees from the world; and pepper, coffee, sandalwood tree are planted there. It has more than 80 kinds of valuable palm plants as well as 400 varieties tropical flowers and plants of desert.
While visiting the botanical gardens, you can pick fruit in orchard, taste coffee, juice and all kinds of tea, buy garden products; amuse fish, barbecue and have a picnic. You can also eat the delicious vegetables and chicken grown up in the orchard of the botanical garden.
Admission fee: RMB 10/person
Opening hours: 08:30~17:00
Take bus 3, 6, 9, 14 and get off at the Botanical Garden.
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