Welcome to South Lake Park
Located in the southwest of Changchun City, South Lake Park covers 220 hectares of land, composed of a lake 93 hectares and 130 acres of surrounding parkland. It is the largest park in Jilin Province and the second largest in China, second only to the famous Summer Palace in Beijing.
There is an island in the center, with an arch bridge connecting it with the bank, and a pavilion and three bridges. In the park, there are many kinds of trees and shrubs, covering 50 percent of the park, including coniferous trees, broad-leaved trees and fruit trees. Clear water reflects the green willow trees on the bank, birds whisper in the fragrance of flowers. Bridges and pavilions scatter around in the picturesque park, adding to it the flavor of traditional Chinese landscape garden. Stand on the Southlake Bridge and look around, you will be struck by the beauty of the colorful and poetic picture: the architecture and the natural landscape add splendor to each other, making visitors lingering in the park, reluctant to depart.
In warm seasons every year there will be lights festivals and other kinds of activities involving folk customs. People come here to swim, row the boat, and fish. During the winter it freezes to a depth of more than a meter and fishermen cut holes in the ice in order to cast their lines. People gather together to watch the ice lanterns, ski and skate. In summer it is a great place to escape the bustle of the city.
The lake is surrounded by numerous paths that make it ideal for a leisurely stroll or cycle. Unlike many other parks in China, South Lake has not been too heavily developed or concreted over. This is truly a great place for recreation and entertainment. Tourists will definitely enjoy a stroll along the beautiful park.
Admission fee: RMB 1/person
Opening hours: 08:00~17:00
Visitors may get on trolley bus No. 62 at the railway station to go to the park or catch bus Nos. 13, 25 or 246.
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