Welcome to Tibet Dezong Hot Spring Resort
Imagine how amazing it is when you lounge around in a warm, waterfall-fed pool at the roof of the world. Right, Tibet Dezong Hot Spring Resort gives you a chance to experience. Perched at a lofty 4,300 meters and nestled in the majestic slopes of the Himalayas, the Tibet Dezong Hot Spring Resort offers visitors an experience that is simply incomparable. Is there anywhere else you can bathe in curative, calcite and tussilago-infused waters while gazing upon the most rugged, photogenic landscapes on the planet?
The Dezong Hot Springs are arranged in simple, rustic fashion, divided into a men's pool, above, and a women's pool, below. 40° C, jade-colored spring waters cascade 20 meters into the resort's pools.
Once you've had enough (if there is such a thing), other worthy attractions are within reach (if you're driving), such as the Zhigongi and Dezong Temples, and Tianzangtai, while Nam-tso Lake (Namu Lake in Tibetan); Potala Palace, Bakuo Street and Dazhao Temple are further off. Accommodations are somewhat limited, but the five-star Yaluzangbu hotel features creature comforts and cars for hire for the drive to the springs 170 kilometers away.
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