Welcome to China's First Self-developed TV Tower--Tortoise Mountain TV Tower
The Tortoise Mountain TV Tower owned by Hubei Tortoise Mountain Transmission Station for Radio and Television is the first Transmission Station for Radio and television of Steel and concrete structure designed by China on its own. It assumes the major responsibility of transmitting and launching for Radio and TV program in hubei Province and it is also a famous scenic spot of Wuhan. One of the highest buildings in Wuhan, its altitude is 311.4m and the net height is 221.2m.
The business section includes all the tourist section inside the Tower and the square outside the tower. Outside the Tower is an outdoor square and a dinning hall which could accommodate120 people. The first floor with a big hall, a comprehensive multi-use conference room, a room for VIP is an ideal place for trade, products promotion, training and lectures. The revolving dinning hall on the fourth floor can accommodate 120 people. The tea room on the fifth floor is an ideal place for drinking tea and relaxation. The platform on the seventh floor with an altitude of 210m is an ideal place to overlook the view of the whole city. The two elevators (2.5m/s) makes going up and down convenient. The whole Tower can accommodate 300 tourists at the same time.
The Tortoise Mountain Tower is China's first self-developed TV tower. You can find rows of sculptures of ancient warriors on the hill with detailed introduction. The two mountains---Tortoise Mountain and Snake Mountain (with the Yellow Crane Tower) face each other across the Yangtze River; each has many historic ruins.
Admission fee: RMB 60/person
Opening hours: 08:00~22:00
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