Welcome to Taibai Building
To the west of the Taibai Bridge, the Taibai Building is the place one must pass by from Huangshan Mountain to the Qiandao Lake. The building is of the typical Anhui-style and features two storeys with exhibitions of steles, and scriptures of all dynasties. It is said that in the Tianbao reign of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Li Bai once came to Shixian to visit the hermit, Xu Xuanping. However, they missed each other on the bank of the Lianjiang River. In memorial of this experience, people built the Taibai Building on the seat of the place where Li Bai drank. Climbing up the building, one can enjoy the scenery of the old bridges and pagodas.
The building is eighteen meters high thirty-four meters long and seventeen meters wide. And there are three floors in the main building, the first floor is hall, the second floor is multi-story building, and the third floor is pavilion. It is divided into the front and the back yard in the building, the front is Taibai building and the back is Taibai temple.
History and Culture
In ancient time, it was called Dixian Tower. According to the history, it was built in the Tang Dynasty. And in the period of kangxi, it was rebuilt by Hu Jiying, a famous official at that time. The existing tower in today is rebuilt in the period of Guangxu. In 1956, it was listed the key cultural relics of Anhui Province.
Li Bai, the most famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, traveled here on several occasions where he left a number of celebrated poems. In order to memorize Li Bai, Xiuhui, a monk from Guangji Temple built the Immortal-Banishing Building in the Fifth Year of the Reign Zhengtong in Emperor Yingzong(1440 A.D).
Admission fee: RMB 10/person
Opening hour: The whole day
1. It is located in Caishi scenic spot, and you can take NO. 1 bus to arrive there from Maanshan Railway Station.
2. Take the subway from Nanjing Railway station and get off at Zhonghuamen Stop, then transfer to a Nanjing-Maanshan Bus (about 15min). After arrival, take NO.1 bus to Caishi scenic spot. The Taibai Building is in the scenic area.
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