West China Hospital, Sichuan University is located in Guoxue Alley, Chengdu. The hospital covers an area of 46.7 hectares, owns 400,000 square meters of building for clinical use while its fixed assets arrives at 30 billion RMB.


The history of the Hospital can be traced back to 1892 when the church missions from Canada, Great Britain and the United States set up Renji Hospital and Cunren Hospital. In 1914 the School of Medicine in West China Union University was founded. Both Renji and Cunren became the teaching hospitals. After war, the Hospital of West China Union University was built in Guoxue Alley (current address) and renamed as "University Hospital or West China Hospital “for short.


The present staff number is 6100, more than 550 of whom are professors and associate professors including one academician in Chinese Science Academy, Five special professors involved in “Yangzi River Awards Plan”, the 11 persons honored by “National fund of Nature Science for Outstanding Young Scientists”, 125 supervisors  for PhD. Students, 264  supervisors  of Master’s Degree Programs.


The hospital has over 4000 beds, 36 clinical departments, 15 medical technology departments. The present staff number 6100, among whom, there are over 550 professors and associate professors. With the purpose of doing good care and excellent service for the patients, the hospital sets up the Senior Experts Consulting Center, 200 special clinics and walk-in clinic without rest at weekend and noon. In order to meet the several needs of public, the hospital also sets up Community Health Center, Medical Center for Tibet public and Golden Card Hospital.


There are 4 MRI, 4 Spiral CT, ECT, Electric Gastrointestinal endoscopy, Several kinds of Endoscopies, Radio Frequency Aberration, Linear Accelerator, Automated biochemical analyzer, Color Doppler, advanced monitoring system for ICU, PRK, X knife stereotactic radio therapy, Cellular knife therapy series in the hospital. The total value of medical equipment costs almost 5000 million RMB.




From airport: take bus 303, then get off at South People’ road.

From North railway station: take bus 28, get off at back street of Huangmen

Address: No.37, Guoxue Alley, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China


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Telephone Exchange: 028-85422114
Emergency Phone:+86-028-85422286,85553329



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