Welcome to Wuxi Film Shooting Base of CCTV
Locatingnear the beautiful Taihu Lake, the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin scenic spot in Wuxi Film Shooting Base of CCTV is a large-scale film culture scenic spot. The famous television plays, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and “Water Margin”, were shot in this base.
The area of the Three Kingdoms occupies 35 hectares and the scene is very magnificent. According to the story of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", many buildings of Han Dynasty were constructed, like emperor Wu’s Palace, Ganlu Temple, the Stockade of the kingdom of Wu and other dozens of large-scale scenic spots. The whole area is full of historical culture and plays an important role in promoting the traditional national culture.
With many war flags put at the tall gate and two holy animals, Tianlu and Pixie, put on the square in the front of the gate, it appears more solemn and serene. The gate is one of scenes in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". In such a simulated environment, one would have an immersed sense and be flooded with feelings.
Next to the area of the Three Kingdoms, the Water Margin scenic spot occupies 580 mu, composed of County area, Capital area and Liangshan area. In County area, there are scenes reflecting the ordinary life of people in Northern Song Dynasty. In Capital area, all the buildings appear splendid and luxurious. It is the capital of Northern Song kingdom. The Liangshan area is built beside a lake, in accordance with the story of “Water Margin”. Standing here, you will feel the great heroic spirit of 108 heros who are the leading roles of “Water Margin”.
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