Welcome to Xiamen Botanical Garden
Xiamen Botanical Garden, known as the Wanshi Botanical Garden, is situated in downtown Xiamen, to the southeast of Zhongshan Park. It is a carefully designed botanical garden and its architectural layout was designed according to the Chinese ancient garden-style residence. With an area of about 26 sq km, the garden houses about 1.8 million trees. In the garden, you can see plants living in the tropics or the semi-tropics. It consists of 29 secondary gardens including Pine & China Fir Garden, Bamboo Forest, Rose Garden, and Orchid Garden, etc.
In the light of the needs of scientific research, more than 20 gardens of special varieties of plants and cultivation areas including a garden of pines and cedars, a garden of roses, a garden of palms, a shady shed, a plot for cultivating introduced varieties of plants, a garden of medicinal plants, a garden of large cactuses, a hall of flowers and an orchid nursery are arranged within the Botanical Garden in order.
In Pine & China Fir Garden, there are varieties of trees. The most eye-catching ones are the metasequoia and gingko trees, which are considered to be living fossils. And there is a pond where grows the Victoria amazonica, a giant water lily, whose massive leaves look like giant pans. It is amazing that the leaves can bear the weight of a child. In Orchid Garden, you can appreciate varieties of Chinese wild orchid. Some of them are scarce and precious.
Besides, Xiamen Botanical Garden also boasts beautiful decorative buildings, such as traditional-style pavilions, and modern amusement facilities. Therefore it is a good place for you to visit with your children. In the garden, you can acquire the knowledge of plants and meanwhile entertain yourself.
Admission fee: RMB 40/person
Opening hours: 08:00~18:00
Take bus No. 17, or a taxi. The garden is opposite the Martyr’s Memorial and the Wan Peony Hotel, about 5 minutes from the Xiamen City Hotel.
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