Welcome to Xingcheng Beach
Xingcheng is famous for its beautiful scenery and rich variety of seafood. As a result of its long coastline and large area of shallow water, it is an ideal area for aquaculture and fishing.
Shoushan Mountain is a national forest park in the northeast of Xingcheng City. Looking from the distance, the mountain is like a man's head, that way it is called Shoushan, "shou", in Chinese, means a person's head, and "shan" means mountain. The mountain is dotted with pavilions, watchtowers and temples. Zhaoyang temple is nestled in the middle of the mountain where visitors can watch the sunrise and the surging and ebbing of the waves of the Bohai Sea.
Xingcheng Beach has fine, soft sand. A few viewing platforms have been erected to stand over the waves making for some romantic hand-holding opportunities. The sea looks rough, but it is safe for swimming-although it does freeze solid in the winter into choppy jagged blocks that stretch for miles. Just off the main beach, the outdoor Mazu Temple features an enormous gold-colored Laughing Buddha and two standing goddesses, staring forever out to sea.
And in this sea lies the beautiful Juhua Island. Juhua, in Chinese, means chrysanthemum. It is the largest island in the Bohai Gulf and home to a small fishing community living in relative isolation from the mainland. It is endowed with green trees, a blaze of flowers and large orchards. The island was the sanctuary for the Prince of Yan, escaping the infamously ruthless first emperor of China, Qin Shihuang. Visitors being here will experience the peace and quiet, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy the fresh air and the lapping of waves on the Xingcheng Beach.
Admission fee: RMB 40/peson
Opening hours: The whole day
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