Welcome to First Tower under Heaven--Yellow Crane Tower
Yellow Crane Tower dominates a marvelous point--- the joint place of Yangtze River and its longest branch---Han River. The tower erected on the Snake Hill, faces the two magnificent rivers as well as the grand Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. The tower made the scenery so spectacular that every year, millions of tourists come to Yellow Crane Tower and appreciate its beauty.
History and Culture
Yellow Crane Tower was first built in 223 AD. However, it was destroyed and rebuilt for many times in the following eras. The last ancient one was built in 1868 and destroyed in 1884 in Qing Dynasty, and hadn’t been rebuilt in the following years. In 1981, a new Yellow Crane Tower erected on the Snake Hill, which is about one kilometer far to the former site. Completed in 1985, the tower is rebuilt according to the model of Qing Dynasty but taller and more magnificent. The present tower has a height about 51.4 meters. Inside the tower, there are wall paintings, models of the tower in different dynasties and numerous relics. Outside the tower, there are bronze sculptures of cranes, pagodas, memorial arches, pavilions and mansions. Standing on the top of the tower, you will see the vast Yangtze River flooding to the east, as well as the panorama of the huge city of Wuhan. Because of its beauty and magnificence, the Yellow Crane Tower was a popular place in ancient times, and had attracted many writers and poets. Prestigious poets such as Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Lu You and Cui Hao had been to Yellow Crane Tower and expressed their admirations thorough compositions and poems. In 1927, Chairman Mao came to Wuhan and also wrote a poet to express his feelings toward the Yellow Crane Tower. Yellow Crane Tower symbolized the cultural and historical development of China, and it will continuously to witness the vicissitudes of Wuhan and China.
Poem by Cui Hao
Yellow Crane Tower was made famous by an 8th century poem written by Cui Hao called "Yellow Crane Tower". A modern English translation of the poem may follow as such:
Long ago a man rode off on a yellow crane, all that remains here is Yellow Crane Tower.
Once the yellow crane left it never returned, for one thousand years the clouds wandered without care.
The clear river reflects each Hanyang tree, fragrant grasses lushly grow on Parrot Island.
At sunset, which direction lies my home town? The mist covered river causes one to feel distressed.
Poem by Li Bai
There is another famous poem about it by Li Bai called "Seeing off Meng Haoran for Guangling at Yellow Crane Tower". A modern English translation of the poem may follow as such:
My old friend's said goodbye to the west, here at Yellow Crane Tower,
In the third month's cloud of willow blossoms, he's going down to Yangzhou.
The lonely sail is a distant shadow, on the edge of a blue emptiness,
All I see is the Yangtze River flow to the far horizon.
Admission fee: 50RMB/person
Opening hours: 7:00-18:00
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