Yellow Mountain---The Most Fantastic Mountain under Heaven

If there is a mountain integrates all the possible beauties, Yellow Mountain should be the very one. You can use any word to describe Yellow Mountain and there will be such kind of scenery. Elegant mountains, arduous rocks, fairyland-like clouds, peculiar pines---all of these made Yellow Mountain  so charming that millions of people poured into the scenery spot to marvel at its beauty.


Yellow Mountain located in the area with subtropical monsoon climate, and because of the deep valley, high mountain and unbalanced distribution of sunlight, the local climate boosts the amazing beauties of Yellow Mountain. The abundant fog and clouds, plenty of moist and waterfalls make the mountain distinguished from all other mountains. The famous geographer in Ming Dynasty Xu Xiake had been to Yellow Mountain twice, and he couldn’t help exclaiming that the beauty of Yellow Mountain outweighed any other mountain in the world.


Yellow Mountain is situated in Huangshan City, south of Anhui Province. It has a total area of 1,100 square kilometers with 153 square kilometers of best sceneries. As early as some six thousand years ago, there were people live and cultivated the land here. The long history and human activities continued since then. In Tang Dynasty, the Emperor adopted the name of Yellow Mountain. After long-lasting activities of earth’s crust and the effects of aeolation, the present Yellow Mountain forms its special and beautiful structure and scenery. Moreover, due to the high altitude, the vegetation distribution and animal species are also interesting.


Hot Springs Scenic Area

The nationally famous hot springs of Yellow Mountain were tapped more than a thousand years ago. Gushing forth from the foot of Purple Cloud Peak, the spings have never run dry in severe drought or overflowed under torrential rainfall. The high temperature waters have long been heralded for their therapeutic effects in treating metabolic, digestive, nervous, cardiovascular and motorial system disorders. Its clear waters remain at 42`C all year round and can be used for drinking and bathing, for whose purpose baths and swimming pools have been built.


Cloud Valley Scenic Area

In order to reach the Cloud Valley Temple Scenic Area, one needs to turn left from the North Sea (Beihai) Hotel and go eastwards. Passing the Black Tiger Pine, visitors reach the White Goose Ridge. White Goose Ridge is the terminal of the 2803.96 meter long cable car route between the Cloud Valley Temple and the North Sea. Traveling on the telpher gives one a bird's-eye view of the East Sea. There is also the more physically demanding option of a pleasant hike. Descending White Goose Ridge, one is greeted by numerous rocks of bizarre shapes around the brook as well as picturesque valley scenes of wood and springs. Passing the Fascination Pavilion, the Cloud Valley Temple is in sight.


Jade Holds Scenic Area

The Jade Screen Tower stands against the 1,668 meter high Jade Screen Peak. Originally the seat of Manjusri Temple, it is now a tourist center with complete service facilities. Around the Tower are elephant and lion shaped rocks and ancient pines. In front of the Tower there emerges to the left the Celestial Capital Peak and Ploughing Cloud Peak. On Ploughing Cloud Peak there is a rock which looks likes a squirrel jumping to the Celestial Capital Peak. Below the peak is another odd shaped rock conjures up images of an immortal getting from a reclining chair. To the right are Lotus Peak, Lotus Pistil Peak and Holy Spring Peak. Viewed from a distance, the rock on Lotus Pistil Peak looks like a small boat sailing through the ocean of clouds. Beside the peak there stands a rock that resembles a peacock playing in a lotus. Standing on the terrace in front of the pine, one is greeted by a panorama of numerous peaks and rocks half hidden in the clouds. The Jade Holds scenic area is a must see sight for anyone traveling to the Yellow Mountain.


Admission fee: 200RMB/person (Peak season); 120RMB/person (Low season)


Opening hours: All day


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