Welcome to Vigorous and Virile—Yueyang Pavilion
Standing on the west gate of the Yueyang city wall, Yueyang Pavilion dominates at the Dongting Lake, faces the Junshan Island in distance, and links the Yangtze River to the north and the Xiangjiang River to the south. In distance, the mists and ripples of the Dongting Lake caresses the boats sailing on the vast water surface. The panorama is so impressive that no wander it is among the Three Great Towers in China, along with the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan and the Tengwang Pavilion in Nanchang. It has long enjoyed the reputation of being the "first tower under heaven", as the Dongting Lake is known as the "first water under heaven."
History and Culture
The history of Yueyang Tower dates from the Three Kingdoms Period when Lu Su, commander in chief of the forces of Wu, was sent to the area to fortify it and train the fleet there. To ease the inspection and command of ships, he constructed a tower near the strategic location where Dongting Lake joins the Yangtze River, from which the whole of Dongting Lake was visible. This inspection tower, then called the Ba Ling Tower after the nearby city of Ba Ling, was the first incarnation of Yueyang Tower. In Tang Dynasty, the pavilion adopted its present name. In the following years, the pavilion was destroyed and rebuilt for several times. In North Song Dynasty, the famous writer Fan Zhongyan wrote the prestigious article of “Essay on Yueyang Pavilion”. The magnificent words and sentences made the Yueyang Pavilion enjoy high reputation in all dynasties. Moreover, the pavilion was the ideal place for the writers, scholars, and political officials to write poems and essays, drink wine and talk about country and lives.
Admission fee: 46RMB/person
Opening hours: 7:00-18:30(Summer); 7:30-18:00(Winter)
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