Welcome to Highest Point of Guangzhou--Zhenhai Lou
With a history of more than 600 years, Zhenhai Lou was built for offending annoy from Japanese pirates. The local officers named this building “zhenhai” with the meaning of safety and guard. It was built on the top of Mt. Yuexiu, where visitors can have a bird’s view of Guangzhou city.
History and Culture
As one of the landmarks in Guangzhou, Zhenhai Lou now becomes the Guangzhou Museum for its long history and rich collection of relics. Many ancient poets had been here to express their patriotic feeling by writing many famous poems. These poems now become attractions in Zhenhai Lou.
Even though Zhenhai Lou is only 28 meters high, it’s the highest peak in Guangzhou thanks to building on the top of Mt. Yuexiu. It is said that if you don’t clime Mt. Yuexiu to visit Zhenjiang Lou, it’s just like you never ever come to Guangzhou. The same effect like the famous saying by Chairman Mao “You are not a real man if you don’t climb the Great Wall”.
There are many sayings about the necessity of this building. The first and foremost reason is defending the Japanese pirates. The second reason is just for a bird’s view of Guangzhou. The third one is concerning about “fengshui”, a supernatural thinking way, to keep the place prosperity. The last saying is the emperor ordered to build this building for suppression the anti-government cities. No matter what reason, this Zhenhai Lou was standing here and witnessed the history of this city.
Admission fee: 9 RMB/person
Opening hours: 6:00-21:00
1. Take flight to Guangzhou White Cloud Airport first.
2. Take travel bus to Guangzhou downtown and then take NO.2 subway to Yuexiu Park.
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