Welcome to Beihai Silver Beach
From Daguansha in the east to Fishing Port, Qiaogang Town in the west, Beihai Silver Beach stretches 24 kilometers and varies in width from 30 to 300 meters, with a total area of 38 square kilometers. It got its name from its fine, soft and silvery quartz sand that shines like silver under the sun. Regarded as one of the best beaches in China, it attracts numerous sea-lovers with its average year round seawater temperature of 23°C.
The tide rises slowly and recedes fast, so the beach remain extremely clean, whose transparency is more than 2 meters, twice of the national standard. Owing to its natural advantages, the beach is regarded as the most ideal resort for beach bathing and sports in the southern region of China as well as one of the top 35 scenic areas in China.
The natural advantages of the beach afford it the reputation as the "Eastern Hawaii", and is regarded as the most ideal resort for beach bathing and sports in the southern region of China. In addition, it is a preferred choice for sanatoriums in view of its clean and fresh air.
Beihai Silver Beach Park abounds in tourism resources. Boasting blue sea and sunshine, sandy and lengthy beaches, clean and gentle waves, amiable and moist climate, it is a preferred choice for sanatoriums. It offers a lot of unique tourism programs such as beach bathing, yachting, motor boating, go-kart alongside traditional beach pursuits such as volleyball and football.
The beach is lined by a loose row of guesthouses, villas and restaurants. Surprisingly, the beach is rather quiet and not overrun by tourists as you might expect. The best time to visit is August and September although the climate is pleasant year around. Try to give yourself half a day to unwind and soak up the sun on the beach.
Recommended Activities
1. On the beach you can play beach volleyball, drive a beach kart or, more interestingly, you can take a boat out to sea and try bungee jumping or parachute jumping if you are brave enough.
2. Diving under the sea is another interesting activity and costs about 150 RMB or $20 per person.
There are many hotels located along the beach and in the city center. Generally, the hotels along the beach are almost all luxurious, such as the Shangri-La Hotel (5-star) and Beihai Beach Hotel (4-star). The hotels in the city centre are comparably moderate, such as the Furama Hotel (3-star) and Stone Forest Hotel (3-star). The price is from $20 to $50.
1. Best Visit Time: Either August or September
2. If you want to visit, you should make your reservation early, for accommodation is heavily demand during the high season, from March to September.
Admission fee: Free
Opening hours: The whole day
You can take Bus No.3 from People’s theater or Beibu Gulf Square and ride till the destination with a whole distance of about 6.5 kilometers. Taxi service charges RMB 15 to 25 while motor bicycle service RMB 8.
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