I Love My Home Real Agent Company is a large corporation working on real estate and related service in China at early times. Its professional ability and service ideals are walking in the front of their rivals all the time. Therefore, the company is not only respected by the rivals, but also becomes a real estate service expert liked by consumers in general.
In the spring of 2000, I Love My Home Real Agent Company was established in Beijing. During the following 9 years, the company has been developing very fast, and now it has reached 8 big cities, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, etc. Besides, the company has spread out 500 chain stores, and 600 professional real estate staffs.
Company Strength
At present, I Love My Home has become the most public credibility in the real estate agent industry with the reputation of excellence and honesty. Besides, the management and service of the company are the leading one in this industry all the time and are also the aim of the rivals. The company took the lead to adopt the three-nets-for-one business sales mode (chain store net, Internet, call centre common net), which help realize the ideal of excellent quality service easily. What’s more, the implementation of ERP managements system and the employment of Broadband Network for the inter network of management system enables to supervise management and share all information.
With the joint efforts made by the leaders and workers for over 7 years, the company has established a three -nets -for -one system based on developing chain stores across districts, including a new intermediary mode of leasing, selling and loaning services. It has developed into a famous agent with 8 branch city offices, over 600 chain stores and 7000 workers. It is the leading one in the industry and is leading the industry.
Service Items
The company has explored many new services leading the development, house management (house leasing acting), house sharing, house leasing fast, short house leasing, selling house included. Besides, it establish many services like watching house on the secondhand net, inquiring all the process, call centre return calls, which established a new service standard and ideals in the industry.
Company Advantages
From the established of the company, it is always holding the management ideal that respecting staffs, providing excellent service, advocating cooperation, insisting on innovation and development, which enables the company to raise the reputation of stall satisfaction, good public credibility and the development of economic benefit.
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