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The Korean International School (KISB) is located in the Wanjing community where most Koreans and many other foreigners in Beijing reside. It is situated at the end of Wanjing Beilu thus giving a quiet and suitable study environment.
As a Korean school with affiliation to the Korean government, KISB is well known for its academic performance and discipline by thousands of Koreans in China, Korea and other countries.
School Strength
KISB owns a well-trained teaching group. All the teaching faculty of native-English speaking, fully credentialed, talented and experienced educators, comes to KISB primarily from English Native Speaking countries.
KISB aims to provide a comprehensive and challenging academic program for all children. Its languages of instruction are English, Chinese and Korean. It emphasizes collaborative learning using materials and resources created in the United States, Korea and China. In the first year of operation, class sizes are expected to be small. As the school grows, individual classes will increase to no more than 20 students.
What’s more, KISB is well equipped for learning. The main building which was built in carries the administration offices, the school library, and classrooms, the gymnasium, the cafeteria, the laboratories and other offices.
At KISB academics is much more than sitting in classes and reading a million books. Its idea of academics is to endow students with the best intellectual and creative minds not only in class but also otherwise.
Academic Programs
At present, KISB has established department of primary education (Grade 1-6) and junior education (Grade 7-12). It also offers pre-school education for children aged 4. It also offers some programs such as Summer ASAP Program and Pen Pal Program.
School Advantages
Korean International School in Beijing provides a rigorous, international curriculum that fosters academic excellence, innovative thinking and creative self-expression in a collaborative and respectful environment.
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