Nagqu Frigid Grassland
Meaning “Black River” in Tibetan language, Nagqu is located deep in the bosom of Dangla Mountain Range, Nyainqentanglha Range and Gangdise Range. Covering a total area of over 400,000 square kilometers, Naqu area is mostly wrapped in wormwood.
Only 3-5 centimeters high, this kind of wormwood grows tenaciously in this cold land, with a well-developed root system and a dense turf that covers the soil like a huge rug. The abundant pastures and large numbers of cattle make up a grand plateau scene. The Nagqu Grassland, 4,200 meters above sea level in the Thanglha and Nyainqentanglha areas, is typical frigid meadow grassland. On this vast no-man’s land, there are numerous rivers and hot springs, and majestic ice peaks mirrored in the limpid lakes of Namtso and Serlingtso.
Nagqu is known for its vastness and iciness. The harsh natural conditions have also protected the grassland from human destruction, and maintained its overwhelming primitiveness, which often startles visitors. In the endless No-man Area, wild yaks, chirus and kiangs are wandering, which adds more charm to this mysterious land.  
Nagqu County is classified by Tibet as one of the open tourist areas. August is the golden season of North Tibet, for the Horse Race Festival will be held here. Many local people, peddlers and tourists come together in crowds. The best time to view this grassland is just after a summer shower, when the green land joins the blue sky in the far distance and the drooping white clouds float over the flocks and herds. As the tweeting of larks breaks the silence, hordes of Tibetan antelopes and Kiang (wild ass) start a race on the pastureland, with their proud heads raised high.
Admission fee: Free
Opening hours: The whole day
During Nagqu Horse Race Festival, there are midibuses heading for Nagqu County, which will cost you RMB 2.
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