Welcome to Huaihai Road
It is said that tourists from other places will go to Nanjing Road in Shanghai, but the Shanghainese and those who have good taste will go to the Huaihai Road. Like other shopping streets, Huaihai Road is situated in the central business area of Shanghai. Various kinds of shops stand along the street. What differs the Huaihai Road is the fact that there are not so many people in the street. Cars are dashing in the middle of the street, but they never slow down for anyone. The buildings along the street are mainly grey, like an elegant lady with purity and comfort. If other shopping areas are famous for their prosperous shops, the Huaihai Road itself is a scenery, classic and quite, charming and porcelain.
Huaihai Road, for centuries of luxury and boom, is still twinkling in modern times. The straight road, with French phoenix trees on both sides, has form a green aisle. In addition, European style constructions always misunderstand the visitors. Now Huaihai Road totally has 400 stores, which is the heaven of entertainment and shopping. From the evening, the whole street was lit by thousands of neon lights, at that time, you will feel the heartbeat of the city clearly. Sitting on the top floor on the bus, or walking in the crowned, you taste delicious Chinese snack. That is the life.
As Champ Elysees in France, Huaihai Road is the paradise for shopping and traveling in Shanghai City. Famous for selling numerous female goods, Huaihai Road is lined with classical and elegant architecture, as well as modern buildings. The fashionable department stores, such as Isetan, Sogo, Paris Perfume, and Time Square are on this street, all of which are well-known for exquisite works, modern design and fine material of dressing and accessories. For those who enjoy fashion shopping, Huaihai Road Shopping Street is one of the best choices.
Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road are two famous commercial shopping streets in Shanghai. Nanjing Road represents the bustling commerce in Shanghai, while Huaihai Road symbolizes more of a taste, style and fashion.
Profound Cultural Connotation
Huaihai Road is a noble and elegant street with profound cultural connotation. Famous historical sites can be found on the street or near the area. The prestigious former residence of Soong Chingling, Zhougongguan(former residence of Zhou Enlai), as well as the site of the first national congress of China are all situated here. In the end of 1996, the New Shanghai Library was established on Huaihai Road.
Exquisite Manner
Huaihai Road was French concession during the war time, so the buildings along the street, even the chinars make the street full of European customs. The Huaihai Road embraces with numerous boutiques, many of which are world-famous brands. Walking in the street, you can appreciate more than 400 exquisite shops with first-class goods, as well as the most fashionable people with best taste of Shanghai.
Lingering on Huaihai Road
When you came to Huaihuai Road for one time, you will expect the next visit. It is a rather comfortable to walk in the road, appreciating delicate display windows or the beauties passing by. The Time Square is the place to count down the New Year in every 31st December, you can also find a quite seat near the window in Starbucks and waiting for someone, or just listen to music. If you like hidden yourself in crowds, you can go to the little garden, sit on the bench, enjoy the sunshine and watch different people. Anyway, you can find a comfortable moment here, at never want to return.
Admission fee: Free
Opening hours: The whole day
1. Bus route 42/ 926/ 24/ 126/ 320/ 911
2. Subway line 1 Huangpi South Road Stop, Shaanxi South Road Stop, Shangshu Road Stop.
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