Oriental Pearl Tower
Towering into the sky with slender and gorgeous body, the Oriental Pearl Tower is the second tallest building of Asia. The tower integrates various functions including television signal radiation, sightseeing, shopping, recommendation, business conference and exhibitions. Now it is the symbol of Shanghai, and attracts millions of tourists every year. At present, the number of tourists coming to Oriental Pearl Tower is the second most among all towers in the world, only minor to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
There is an all-round luculent sightseeing elevator in the 468-high building, and 11 balls with different sizes are embedded on it. Among the 11 balls, there are two huge balls catches people’s eyes with dazzling bright-pink colors. Step on the sightseeing elevator, it will take you into the sky with an amazing speed of 7 meters per second. Standing in the sightseeing area, you can appreciate the panorama of Shanghai as well as the vast Huangpu River. There are three sightseeing areas in the tower, successively lies on 90 meter-high, 259 meter-high and 263 meter-high. At the height of 267 meters, there is the highest revolving restaurant with luxury furnishing and first-class service. At the height of 350 meters, the Space Capsule is equipped with conference hall, café and an aerial hotel. Travelers can enjoy the excellent food when admiring the landscape of Shanghai. Being the symbol of Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl Tower has also become one of the most attractive spots of China.
Revolving Restaurant
The restaurant is in the second big ball of the tower, with a height of 263 meters. Through the transparent glass, you can have a full view of the skyscrapers and modernity of Shanghai. The restaurant evolves a full circle every two hours, and you can have an all-round panorama of this lively city. Moreover, the friendly service and elegant servants will make you as comfortable as at home. At night, reflections of the flickering neon lights in the Huangpu River make the scenery extremely marvelous and stunning.
Space Capsule
The Space Capsule is at the height of 350 meters of the tower. Inside the Space Capsule, there are sightseeing areas, conference halls, and café, which is luxury furnished and dominate the best sightseeing point of Shanghai. Besides, there is an aerial hotel with special spices. There are 20 rooms in total, which are distributed in 5 small balls. Moreover, there is the Oriental Pearl Wanbang Department store, too. Tourists can buy some delicate art works and luxury gifts, and taste delicious food. Without deep thinking, the price must be quite high. However, you will find it worthwhile.
Huangpu River Tour
At the foot of the tower, there is an international tour yacht for touring in the Huangpu River. The late leader of China, Deng Xiaoping had also stepped on the yacht and appreciating the beautiful and modern scenery of Shanghai. Moreover, there is buffet dinner supplied on the yacht. At the
price of merely 48 yuan, travelers can enjoy tasty food at the meantime.
Admission fee: 100RMB/person
Opening hours: All day
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