Three Gorges Dam---World’s Largest Dam
The Three Gorge Dams is the largest dam in the world, as wide as the Golden Gate Bridge and twice as tall, capable of generating 18 gigawatts of hydro-electric power.
The Three Gorges Tourist Area was officially opened to the public in 1997, covering an area of 15.28 square meters. It contains five parks. They are Three Gorges Exhibition Hall, Tanziling Park, 185 Park, Jinba Park and Interception Memorial Park. Based on the world’s largest hydro junction project, the tourist area reveals the culture of the project and water conservancy in an all-round way. It provides a combination of multi-functional service of sight-seeing, science and education, entertainment, refreshment, perfectly combining modern project with natural scenery and human landscape. Therefore, it is a traveling paradise that tourists from home and abroad long to go.
Standing at the top of the Dam which is 185 meters above sea level, you can marvel at the flood discharge downwards in a close distance. Feeling the tremendous force growling under the feet is more direct and magnificent. In the meantime, contrasted with the near overwhelming backwash, the river surface far away is quiet and peaceful. All of a sudden, the tourists may feel the gorgeous blend of vitality and serenity. If it is good weather, a colorful rainbow will appear in the water fog above the flood. Gentle wind present by the river soothes the soul and the lullaby murmured by the backwash calm the heart. All the feelings, exited or surprised, proud or exhilarated are all mingle with the span of water. Maybe only after you roaming in the hug of the Dam can one genuinely feel the line "Should the goddess be not ill today, she will marvel at the world’s new array".
The sightseeing position locates in the front of the left bank electricity generating set factory of the Dam. It is the perfect place to admire the Dam and water discharge. Stand on the sightseeing flat and look upwards, the tourists can see a magnificent-than-ever 185 meters high Dam. The spray under the factory and the systematic transmission line show that powerful electric current are being transferred to all around China relentlessly. Due to the change of appreciation angle, the imposing water discharge can render the tourists excited with heart afire. They can experience the great power of the Nature. However, with unchallenged wisdom, human beings can finally conquer the Nature.
Tanziling scenic spot
Being in the first batch of national AAAA rank scenic spots, Tanziling scenic spot is also the earliest exploited scenic spot in Three Gorge Dam region. Since the year 1997, Tanziling scenic spot started to receive Chinese and foreign tourist officially. The scenic spot was named by the shape of hilltop’s gazebo. It is a surprisingly good place for reconnaissance of the Dam’s construction. With the altitude of 262.48 meters, Tanziling is the best location for enjoy the sight of the panorama of Three Gorges Dam Project. People can enjoy the sturdiness of Three Gorge Dam, and the steep bidirectional fifth class dam gate , which is called “The forth Dam of Changjiang River”.
Controversies about the Dam
Supporters say the benefits of the project far outweigh the costs. The principal advantage of the project is to generate power to keep pace with China's economic growth. Chinese officials note that the dam will relieve the danger of flooding. The Chang Jing River Valley has been chronically threatened by flooding. Another advantage of the dam is to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. However, social costs of resettlement and environmental damage are enormous. Environmental sustainability of the project in relation to massive resettlement and ecological damage is to be focused in this paper. Many critics believe resettlement would fail and create reservoir refugees. The forced migration would raise social unrest. However, the truth has proved that some of the worries are redundant.
Closure Memorial Stone
Closure stone weighing 28 tons is a symbol of closure of Yangtze River, actually-used stone during the closure is only half of the stone. It is the shape characteristics, is 1.30 tetrahedron, because this is the best stability in the three-dimensional body, into the water can be quickly inserted into the mud underwater, thus blocking water it well The impact. It has become the symbol of modern water conservancy projects. Stone is a closure under the settlement diameter of 20 meters-square, above a nosy map, a symbol of all sides who support the project and the construction of the Three Gorges Project Construction.
Admission fee: RMB 105/person for adults, RMB 57/person for seniors aged 60 to 70, RMB 10/person for seniors aged above 70
Opening hours: 08:00~17:30
You can take No.4 bus to Yemingzhu Bus Station in Yichang city proper, then transfer to No. 8 bus to Dam area (costs RMB 8/ person), which only takes half an hour.
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