Cultural Tour of Sanjiangyuan---Tangfan Ancient Way

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Stop 1 Xining-Sun-moon Mountian-Qinghai Lake-Gonghe
Go westward by bus and reach the Dangeer Ancient City in Huangyuan County, and review the prosperity of “Tea and Horse” frontier trade. Passing through the Sun-moon Mountain and follow in the footsteps of Wen Cheng Princess’s entering into Tibet. View the top of the China’s Five Most Beautiful Lakes---Qinghai Lake.
Stop 2 Gonghe-Maduo
The alpine plant, flowers and lakes on the way form bright scenery. Kiangs and Procapra picticaudata which accidentally appear will definitely surprise you.
Stop 3 Maduo-Gyaring Lake/Ngoring Lake/The source of Yellow River
The Gyaring Lake and the Ngoring Lake will tell you a love story about Wen Cheng Princess and Sontzen Gampo. Passing across the source of Yellow Rive, you will feel the magnificence of China’s mother river.
Stop 4 Maduo-Yushu
Bayankala Snow Mountain stands out majestically. The unique natural villages, Tibetan Diaolou, manual workshops, which are located in the two sides of Tongtian River show ethnic local culture. Sanjiangyuan Monument will make you feel deep respect for the largest nature reserve in Asia.
Stop 5 Yushu
Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture is the cradle of Yangtze River, Yellow River and Lancang River. Due to its dense river network and rich water resource, Yushu was reputed as “the source of rivers and lakes, the master of famous mountains, the paradise for yaks and the hometown of folk songs and dance”. You can say hello to the black-necked cranes in Longbaotan Black-necked Cranes Nature Reserve, experience Kangba Grassland custom in Batang Grassland and visit Jiegu Temple and Wen Cheng Princess Temple to experience the Yibetan Buddhism culture.
Stop 6 Yushu
The Xinzhai Mani Stone Pile which has been listed in the Guiness World Record will definitely shock you. The Lebagou petrograms show history of modest and brave Tibetan people. Tibetan Buddhist temples welcome faithful pilgrims.
Stop 7 Yushu-Nangqian
Yushu Kangba’s song and dance and the Horse Race Festival enjoy high reputation, and Kangba’s clothing are full of ethnic characteristics. You can enjoy the beautiful view of virgin forest in the Baizha Forest Farm, and say hello to the lovely macaques in the Nangqian Macaque Nature Reserve, experiencing the human being and the nature living in harmony.    
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