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Welcome to Tianjin University(天津大学)

Tianjin University was established at 1895 with the name of “Beiyang University”. It's the first modern university in China. During the last 100 years, more than 150,000 students have graduated from Tianjin University and made great contributions all over the world.


With one hundred years of history, the university has formed a distinct academic style, which takes engineering as the core, combining with science, and subjects of management, economy, literature, philosophy, pedagogy and teaching Chinese as a foreign language helps to make the whole an integrative development. At present, Tianjin University has grown into a National Key University directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education of China. With the tradition of diligence and modesty, Tianjin University is prepared to meet challenges in the 21st century.

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Program Degree Tuition Details
Pharmaceutical Science Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
Environment and Energy Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
Chemical Engineering and Technology Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
Civil Engineering Master's Degree RMB30000/Y Details
Chemical Engineering and Technology Master's Degree RMB30000/Y Details
Applied chemistry Doctoral Degree RMB33200/Y Details
Horticulture Bachelor's Degree RMB16600/Y Details
Horticulture Bachelor's Degree RMB16600/Y Details
Pharmacy Engineering Bachelor's Degree RMB16600/Y Details
Pharmacy Bachelor's Degree RMB16600/Y Details
Higher Education Management Bachelor's Degree RMB16600/Y Details
Industrial Design Bachelor's Degree RMB16600/Y Details

Welcome to study at Tianjin University(天津大学)