Private Tutoring Course of Spoken Chinese in China

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Introduction Under the careful guidance of experienced spoken Chinese teachers, you will be able to improve your spoken Chinese skills in a more efficient way for personalized teaching content.

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As a professional Chinese language training school, we are able to provide high quality private tutoring for foreign learners who want to improve their spoken Chinese level efficiently.
Teaching Objects
This private tutoring course of spoken Chinese is designed for those foreign students or staffs in China who want to master oral Chinese communication skills quickly and effectively.
Course Content
Private tutoring can be given in three levels: elementary level, intermediate level and advanced level. In different levels, the students will receive different training and guidance.
According to students’ current spoken Chinese level, our native Chinese teacher will design different teaching content. Thus the students can improve their spoken Chinese by learning different contents.
Elementary Level
To communicate with basic words & sentences, then be able to exchange simple information & ideas in most common daily conversation and in the workplace, to understand and take part in general discussion.
Intermediate Level
Be able to communicate in Chinese effectively & flexibly in a wide range of work and social scenarios.
Advanced Level
Be able to understand mostly Chinese news, Deal with daily affairs in Chinese, be able to communicate with proper expression on various topics involving society, economy, etc.
Class Time and Length
Class time is flexible and the class can be started any time immediately after the students finish the enrolment procedures.
Class time: Morning, afternoon, or evening from Monday to Friday.
Tuition Fee for the Course (RMB)
Private tutoring Course less than 10 hours a week
Class Hours
1 On 1
1 On 2
Other Fees:
1) Registration: RMB 300 per student
2) Transportation: For class at the student’s place, the transportation of the teacher needs to be covered by the student.