Weekend Class of HSK Preparation in Guangzhou

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Introduction This HSK preparation course offers professional preparation guidance for foreign learners in China who want to improve their test performance in any levels of HSK.

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Weekend class of HSK test preparation helps students to improve their Chinese language levels for joining HSK test in China by its well-designed teaching content.
Teaching Objects
Such weekend class for HSK test preparation is a good choice for international students or foreign friends to improve their Chinese language levels for HSK in China by making full use of their weekends.
Class Content
This course mainly focuses on the abilities and skills of taking the HSK test, so that trainees can learn the knowledge related to the HSK test in a systematic way and get ready for it.
The main content includes:
The frequently-used vocabulary and characters, and grammar listed in the HSK official guideline. With consolidated exercises, students are able to comprehend the test structure and module, as well as the primary emphasis properly, so that they can be well prepared for the test.
What’s more, students will also practice listening comprehension, and reading skills necessary to score well on the test. Practice tests will be taken each weekend and reviewed extensively with teacher.
Three levels of the test are available:
HSK preparation course of elementary level
HSK preparation course of intermediate level
HSK preparation course of advanced level
Mode of Teaching
Different mode of teaching is available. Students can choose to join small group class, while they can also choose one on one course.
Class Time and Length
Starting date: Class will be carried out in every Saturday or Sunday.
Class hours: Morning class: from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00.p.m
                 Afternoon class: from 13:00 p.m. to 17.p.m
Class length: 8 weeks or above
Tuition Fee for the Class (RMB)

Class Type
One on one
Group class
(Max. 2)
Group class
(Max. 3)
Group class
(Max. 4)
Group class
(Max. 6)

Application Tips
Free placement test before the start of the class.
There is an enrollment fee 150 RMB.
Tuition fee does not include the cost of textbooks.
The minimum age is 16 years old.