Summer Class of Academic Chinese Course in Shanghai

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Introduction This academic Chinese course in summer aims at helping you know much about Chinese traditional culture, and get a deep understanding of Chinese culture through colorful activities in Shanghai.

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Through our well-designed academic Chinese course, you will have a memorable experience in this hot summer. Deep explanation of Chinese traditional culture and colorful experiencing activities in Shanghai will make your Chinese learning experience wonderful!
Teaching Object
For foreign students who will spend their summer vacation in Shanghai, this academic Chinese course will bring them to explore Chinese traditional Chinese culture.
Class Content
The whole class consists of three parts, which includes Chinese language study, Chinese culture study and experiencing activities. In details:
Language courses
1. Chinese reading
2. Chinese listening and speaking
3. Chinese video show
Chinese history and culture course
1. General study of the log history of China
2. Chinese custom
3. Chinese traditional arts including Chinese martial arts, Peking Opera, calligraphy and painting, etc.
4. Chinese modern culture and society
5. Chinese idioms and phrase used by Chinese people
Cultural activities and lectures
1. Chinese painting and calligraphy
2. Chinese Wushu and Peking Opera (including Tai Chi Chuan, Fist positions, etc)
3. Traditional/folk health care in China (Qigong, medicated food, massage and acupuncture)
5. Chinese handiwork
Mode of Teaching
Class is given in small groups with 3-8 people in each one, while the minimum age is 16 years old.
Class Time and Length
Starting time: Every Monday from July to August
Class hours: Two hours per day and every class will last for one hour. Class is available from Monday to Friday.
Class length: 2 weeks to 8 weeks.
Tuition Fee for the Class (RMB)
80 RMB for one hour per class