Summer Class of Oral Chinese Training in China

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Introduction Concentrating on the improvement of learners’ oral Chinese skills, this oral Chinese training course is designed for foreigners who want to improve their spoken Chinese in summer.

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Being given in summer vacation in China, this oral Chinese training course will help foreign learners rapidly master the daily communicative expressions in Chinese.
Teaching Objects
This course is designed for learners who are interested in studying Chinese but do not have a long term study plan and only interested in speaking rather than reading and writing.
Class Content
We provide class of different levels for students with different Chinese language proficiency. Elementary, intermediate and advanced classes are available.
For Elementary Level
Students will learn to use the most basic words and sentences for simple daily communication such as greetings and expressing gratitude. In the end of the level, they will be able to understand short everyday dialogues and monologues and speak them naturally and clearly with more than 1000 Chinese vocabulary.
For Intermediate Level
Under the help of the teachers, the students will be able to exchange not only specific information but also ideas and perspectives in some common daily occasions and social life.
For Advanced Level
In this period, the students will be able to use the language independently including mastering enough vocabulary, organizing basic language and communicating with others in different social occasions by mastering about 2000 Chinese words and phrases.
Mode of Teaching
Different mode of teaching is available. Students can choose to join small group class, while they can also choose one on one course.
Class Time and Length
Starting time: every summer vacation ranging from July to August
Class hours: Morning class: from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00. p.m
                 Afternoon class: from 13:00 p.m. to 17.p.m
Class length: 2 weeks to 8 weeks. Each level of the class will last for about 30 hours.
Tuition Fee for the Class (RMB)

Class Type
One on one
Group class (2-5 students)

Application Tips
Free placement test before the start of the class.
There is an enrollment fee 300 RMB.
Tuition fee does not include the cost of textbooks.
The minimum age is 16 years old.