Summer Training Class of Business Chinese in China

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Introduction Making full use of your spare time in summer, this summer class of business Chinese will lead you to improve your expression skills in Chinese and help you perform well in commercial activities in China.

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Making full use of your summer vacation, this training course of business in summer will improve your business Chinese language skills in an efficient way and help you to enjoy your holiday.
Teaching Objects
The business Chinese training course in summer is specially designed for foreign students who want to pursue a business career that relates to China in the future.
Class Content
Different levels of business Chinese courses are available in order to meet the needs of the students with different Chinese language levels.
For beginners
In the beginning stage, this course is intended to increase students’ knowledge in business and develop their ability to use Chinese for business. It will lay a foundation for students’ future business activities conducted in Chinese through teaching common Chinese business vocabulary, special sentence patterns and professional knowledge.
For foreign intermediate and advanced learners
It takes a depth look into advanced business terms and sentence patterns; on the other hand, it explains in more details on the usage of terms and expressions in the different contexts. This course covers most of business topics and relevant commercial vocabulary, combined with updated China’s current economical and commercial hot topics.
All the courses will be taught by experienced teachers who have rich experience in business Chinese and in the class the students may have chance to meet numerous friends from all over the world.
Mode of Teaching
Different mode of teaching is available. Students can choose to join small group class, while they can also choose one on one course.
Class Time and Length
Starting date: Class is available in every summer vacation ranging from July to August.
Class hours: Morning class: from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00.p.m
                 Afternoon class: from 13:00 p.m. to 17.p.m
Class length: 2 weeks to 8 weeks.
Tuition Fee for the Class (RMB)

Tuition Fee
Advanced 1

For one on one course, the tuition fee for one hour is 150 RMB per person. There would be 2-5 people in one group in small group course.
Application Tips
Free placement test before the start of the class.
There is an enrollment fee 150 RMB.
Tuition fee does not include the cost of textbooks.
The minimum age is 16 years old.