Legal Consulting Service for Child Adoption in Guangzhou

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction For foreigners who want to adopt children in Guangzhou, this legal service helps them to get a clear understanding of the adoption law and go through the whole adoption process.

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When referring to the adoption of a child in foreign countries, the whole process would be more complex. Our experienced lawyers are able to provide professional legal consulting service for you in the process of adopting a Chinese child in Guangzhou.
Service Content
This legal service for child adoption offers you all-round support in your process of adopting a child in China. In details:
Relevant Legal Consulting
The lawyers will give you a clear explanation of the regulations in adopting children in China, which include the requirements for people who want to adopt children, the basic steps of adopting, requirements for special adoption in China, etc.
Adoption Procedure
After you have decided to adopt a child, the lawyer will help you go through the whole process to make sure the adoption procedure is legal. The detailed procedures include registration in the local Civil Administration Department and the notarization service.
The service fee for such civil law service is charged by case. And the price is 2,000 RMB per case.