Employees Recruitment Outsourcing Service in China

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction This employee recruitment service is designed for foreign enterprises in China that need to finding and selecting qualified employees in different industries with different levels and working length.

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We help foreign enterprises especially newly launched enterprises to recruit the right employees who will be qualified for the development of the enterprises. The whole process refers to the formulation of the recruitment plan and the implementation of the recruitment plan.
Service Area
We are able to provide such service for foreign companies located in the main cities of China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Suzhou, Wenzhou, etc.
Position Type
According to clients’ requirements, we are able to select employees in different positions such as professional technicians, workers, senior management officers, secretaries, etc.
Whether Clients need entry-level or experienced workers, interns or management-level people, we will get all these done in an effective way.
Note: Additional service such as background survey service is available.
Service Procedure
Based on your expectation, we will go through the whole process of placing the recruitment advertisements, carrying out the interviews.
Price (RMB)
100 RMB per person