Shopping tours
  • 12-day Silk and Porcelain Shopping Tour

    12-day Silk and Porcelain Shopping Tour

    • ProviderEnterprises with 4 Stars or Above in China Service Mall
    • Star
    • Silk and porcelain are among the most important and famous special products. Silk is prestigious for its softness, bright colors and exquisite texture, while china is well-known for the skillful making process, delicate .. Reserve Details
  • Beihai-Hainan 6 Days Tour

    Beihai-Hainan 6 Days Tour

    • ProviderKunming Youth Travel Service
    • Star
    • Hainan Province lays the south most in China and has warm weather all the year around. Here come to Hainan and soak yourself in the sea and share your happiness with your family on beautiful bays. Fully relax and comfort.. Reserve Details