Welcome to Wuhou Memorial Temple
Wuhou Memorial Temple is dedicated to Zhuge Liang, the Martial Marquis of Shu in the Three Kingdoms.
Zhuge Liang was the personification of noble character and intelligence. Memorial temples erected in many places after his death include a famous one in Chendu, Sichuan Province.
Located in the south suburb of Chengdu, the temple covers 37,000 square meters. The date of its establishment is unclear, only that it was built next to the temple of Liubei, the emperor of Shu. It was combined with the Temple of Liu Bei at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty; consequently, the entrance plaque reads 'Zhaolie Temple of Han Dynasty' (Zhaolie is the posthumous title of Liu Bei). The current temple was rebuilt in 1672. Surrounded by old cypresses and classical red walls, the temple evokes nostalgia.
The main body of the temple is divided into five sections, the Gate, the second Gate, the Hall of Liubei, the corridor, and the Hall of Zhuge Liang, all of which run south to north. Inside, clay sculptures of Shu Emperor and ministers stand together, making them a special feature.
Valuable Cultural Relic
The most valuable cultural relic within the temple is the stele set up in 809. This huge stele 367-centimeter high and 95-centimeter wide is called the Triple-Success Stele. The three successes are: an article written by Peidu, a famous minister of the Tang Dynasty who served four emperors in succession, calligraphy by Liu Gongquan, one of the most brilliant calligraphers in Chinese history, and a statement about the morality and achievements of Zhuge Liang.

With his great personality, his dedicated service to others, and his outstanding intelligence place, Zhuge Liang was above all emperors, generals, and ministers in history. A visit to the temple illuminates his status in the Chinese people.
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