Welcome to Xichong Beach
At the edge of the South China Sea, overlooking Hong Kong, eastern Shenzhen’s 130-kilometer coastline is affectionately called “Hawaii in Shenzhen.” Less commercialized and less crowded than Hawaii, Shenzhen’s far east combines subtropical hills and woods with seaside holiday facilities.
At the western edge of Longgang, the first beach is Xichong. Embracing sea and mountains and facing the South China Sea with Mirs Bay on the west and Daya Bay on the East, Xichong has the largest beach area in Shenzhen. Less crowded than Dameisha a bit to its west, the snaking five-kilometer-long beach offers azure sea, fresh winds, soft pure sand and lush woods. Xichong Beach is an important beach on the East Coastline of Shenzhen. And it's regarded as one of the best seaside scenic spot in China. North to it is the Qiniang Mountain, the second highest mountain of the city. So as a result, it is not easy to reach the bay. And this is the most desolate and least populated part of Shenzhen.
Attractions include underwater sightseeing, holiday villages, surfing, sailing, hotels, golf courses and shopping. Several wooden boats of primitive simplicity are pulled up at the water’s edge, and the air has a fresh, fragrant smell. By day, there’s diving and swimming; at night, fireworks. What makes the region special are the bays and beaches bordered by chains of hills with springs, streams and jungle vegetation.
Some backpackers enjoy the coastline between Xichong and Dongchong, another beach on the peninsula. A small abandoned house nicknamed Sunshine Holiday Hotel on the coastline became famous because of their arrival.
Admission fee: RMB 5/person
Opening hours: The whole day
1. By car: Luosha Road (through Wutongshan Tunnel, 10-yuan toll; or a toll-free winding road around Wutong Mountain) —Yanba Expressway — Kuichong Exit (10-yuan toll) — Pingxi Road — Nanxi Road
2. By bus: From downtown Shenzhen, take bus 360 to Nan’ao Hotel to connect with minibus 989. The minibus runs from Nan’ao Hotel to Xichong from 6 a.m.to 5 p.m. The whole trip takes about two hours.
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