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Application Procedures in Zhejiang University


For foreign students who want to study in Zhejiang University, they should first get a general idea of the admission procedures in this university.
1. Fill in the Application Form for Admission to Zhejiang University.
2. Do physical examination according to the items listed in the form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners .
3. Submit the completed application form, copy of passport, 6 photos (3cm x 4cm) with white background and the physical examination record to the International College, Zhejiang University. Copies of diplomas or certificates and course transcripts are needed for degree applicants, and two letters of recommendation and a study plan are necessary for graduate-program or advanced-program applicants.
4. Time for application
Spring semester: September to December
Fall semester: March to June
Short-term program: two months in advance.
5. The Admission Notice and the form of (JW201 form or JW202 form) will be mailed to the applicant after his/her qualifications are verified.
6. Apply for a student visa or visitor visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the applicant's home country. Register at the International College during the period specified in the Admission Notice.

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