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Located in Hefei, capital city of Anhui Province, established in 1959, Anhui University of Chinese Medicine (originally known as Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a construction unit of national clinical research base, a national (Anhui-based) modern technology industry of Chinese medicine, an international cooperation base for the promotion of Chinese medicine, a national base for clinical drug research, and a doctoral degree-conferring unit. The University now registers over 11, 043 full-time students at all levels (Among them, there are 820 postgraduates). The University offers diverse courses in its 29 Bachelor’s programs (including 5 national key courses funded by the Ministry of Education of China, 6 provincial key specialty supported by the local Anhui Government), two doctoral degree programs of Level-1 discipline, four Master’s degree programs of Level-1 discipline, 25 Master’s degree programs of Level-2 discipline, two programs that award professional rather than academic Master’s degrees and five joint bases for doctoral training. The University has established solid partnerships for exchange and cooperation with 41 medical and educational institutions of more than 20 countries and districts, such as the United States, Australia, etc. Students from more than 20 countries and districts come to study in the University either for a Bachelor’s degree, or for a Master’s degree, or for clinical internship.

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