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Admission Requirements


Admission Requirements:

1. Applicants should have a good school record and be in good health.

2. Applicants for undergraduate programs are required to have an education equivalent to, or higher than, that for a Chinese senior middle school graduate; applicants for Master's degree programs should have a Bachelor's degree; applicants for Doctoral degree programs should have a Master's degree; applicants for further studies are required to have undergone a two-year college study program; and applicants for advanced further studies should have been awarded a Master's degree.

3. Applicants for Master's or Doctoral degree programs should present letters of recommendation from two teachers with the post of associate professor or higher.

How to Apply:

Return the completed Application Form for Foreign Students to Study at BUCT and 6 passport photos to the Foreign Affairs Office of BUCT by mail, fax or in person. Applicants may ask for the Application Form from the Foreign Affairs Office of BUCT in advance.

Academic Year:

The academic year begins in early September each year.

Entrance Examination for Academic Courses:

1. Applicants for a Bachelor's degree program attend classes without taking entrance exams as students on probation. If the applicants are able to pass all the courses they have attended in the first year, they will be allowed to continue their study as regular students for the remainder of the course.

2. Master's and Doctoral candidates should take 2-3 exams relevant to their proposed fields of study.

3. Applicants for further study or advanced further study need not take any entrance exams.


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