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Welcome to Beijing International Studies University(北京第二外国语学院)

A Brief Introduction of Beijing International Studies University            Beijing International Studies University (BISU, the former Beijing Second Foreign Languages Institute) was founded in 1964 thanks to China’s late Premier Zhou En Lai’s great care. A nationwide renowned key school of higher education, the university has developed into a multi-disciplinary educational establishment that offers courses in studies of foreign languages, tourism management, liberal arts, management, economics,law and philosophy, with the studies of foreign languages as its dominant disciplines and the studies of tourism and tourism management as its specialized subjects. To suit the national needs of economic and social advance, the school endeavors to educate and train its students into internationally-minded professionals that are proficient in foreign affairs, tourism industry, economics, business and trade.   There are eight foreign language departments and eight schools that specialize in language instruction and research. The eight departments are:..View more

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Welcome to study at Beijing International Studies University(北京第二外国语学院)