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Microsoft Donates Software and Scholarship to BIT


On September 19th, The Launching Ceremony of the Cooperation between Beijing Institute of Technology and Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd was held at the lecture hall of BIT library.
Prof. Hou Guangming, Vice Chairman of BIT Council, other representatives of BIT administrative departments and Mr. Zhang Ruichang, the greater China CTO and general manager of the division of government and educational affairs, Microsoft (China) Co.,Ltd attended the ceremony.
Mr. Zhang Ruichang expressed his happiness to witness the cooperation with BIT for the win-win opportunity presented by this university-enterprise cooperation. He said the cooperation would help more students study new technology as well as reserve excellent human resource for the enterprise.
Mr. Hou Guangming expressed his gratitude for all the work Microsoft has done to promote the cooperation and for all the contribution made by Microsoft to the development of School of Information Science and Technology and School of Software Engineering.
Mr. Hou hoped that BIT and Microsoft would extend the cooperation at a deeper level in order to cultivate more software talents.
Microsoft donated some developing software including 100 sets of Microsoft work-team developing software VstudioTeam Suite 2005 and 400 sets of Microsoft single plane professional version developing software Visual Studio Pro 2005 for the utility of teaching, laboratory work and academic reaches in order to improve the level of the information application and development of BIT.
Microsoft also donated 200,000 Yuan to BIT as “Microsoft Scholarship”. These two donations are both sections of the memorandum signed in 2005.
After two years “BIT-Microsoft Training Center” has been operated smoothly, the One-million “Microsoft Scholarship” has been initially realized.
The ceremony was hosted by the Executive Vice-dean of School of Software Engineering Ding Gangyi.
After the ceremony Mr. Zhang Ruichang delivered a lecture with the topic “Microsoft Enterprise Citizen and Informationalization in Rural Area”.
More than 200 students from School of Computer Science and Technology and School of Software Engineering attended the lecture.

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