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Vice president Zhao Changlu interviewed the Canadian university of Waterloo foreign affairs vice President Jean-Jacques


On the afternoon of 5th November, a three-people delegation of the Canadian university of Waterloo foreign affairs vice President Jean-Jacques visited Beijing Institute of Technology, vice President Zhao Changlu met the guest in No.233 conference room of No. 2 building. Accompanied to visit were Dean of university of Waterloo international Exchange Office Mr. Drew Knight and International relations specialist Miss Zhaosu Ping.

Vice President Zhao Changlu warmly welcomed Vice President Jean-Jacques for his vist, and introduced about Beijing Institute of Technology’s international development, reviewed friendly cooperation history between two universities. Zhao Changlu indicated that since the cooperation agreetment was signed, the two universities developed obviously efficent exchange and cooperation, particularly the success of undergrate “2+2” joint training project, he hoped that two universities enlarge in-depth cooperation in teachers exchange and scientific research projects and so on the like. 

Vice President Jean-Jacques expressed his thanks to vice President Zhao Changlu’s warn reception, he introduced about University of Waterloo recent strategic arrangement for international exchange and cooperation and purpose to come. He believed that Beijing Institute of Technology had always been importance cooperation partner of University of Waterloo’s, the main purpose to come was to enhance the relevant fileds scientific research cooperation with Beijing Institute of Technology。He hoped that both parties could strengthen cooperation by ways of teacher and research interactive visit and joint graduate training, and move fowarded to apply for scientific research projects, build high standard joint research platform together, and held academic seminar together. 

Academy of Science Department of Basic Scientific Research minister Ma Shaopeng introduced about type and declaration procedure of China international science cooperative project. Later, both parties held in-depth discussion on cooperation in mechanical and vehicel miro-nano fileds. Etc, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention.


Deputy director Gaoshan from international exchange and cooperation department hosted the talks. Deputy director Xv Jin of Teaching Affairs Office, Zhang Chengning and He Hongwen From electric vehicles national engineering laboratory, and Hu Hao from micrometer and nano laser processing Labtorary and so on other relevant person also attended the conference.

After the talks, Jean-Jacques and his delegation looked around Beijing Institute of Technology electric vehicles national engineering laboratory and micrometer and nano laser processing labtorary

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