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Outstanding alumnus of Beijing Institute of Technology Yuan Zhimin shared growing up history.



At two thirty on the afternoon of 6th, October, Our school building no. 7 was a warm atmosphere, a round of applause. Responding to the subject activity “Faith, Youth, Suny of university party committee, school of material science in accord with demand of students, in the first stage of the activity“talent education micro lecture”, invited 88 grade alumnus Yuan Zhimin, CEO of Kingfako Co. to be main speaker, sharing the start, pioneering and success of his career with college students.

Mr. Yuan shared his life experience with all the students, talked about the story that how his company become high-tech public one of over hundred millions total value of out-put from a 20-thousand early start workshop, and how it became globally well-known champion in national modified plastics industry from moderate local factory with humor words, he continuously break out the sparks of wisdom in his confident statement, his brief words hides many minor principals, which cause those inside the stadium resonance and rapturous applause.

To be an outstanding alumnus who graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology, Mr. Yuan was deep in feelings to her,  he specially asked to answer student’s questions as many as he could in interactive exchange at the end of the speech.

The speech attracted not only attracted students from Beijing Institute of Technology, but also students from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Agriculture University, Xiangtan University and so on other peer institutions. The students’s active question and Mr. Yuan’s wonderful answer push the lecture to a new high tide, many students and teachers asked Mr. Yuan questions they were interested in, but no matter how challenging the question was, Mr. Yuan answered as if he prepared, and thanked the questioners every time after he answered.

Among all the people participated the lecture, sitting secretary Chen Pengwan of School of Material Science and secretary Zhang Zhenhua of School of Chemical Engineering and Environment, they also asked CEO Yuan questions that students concerned. Mr. Yuan’s charm of personality conquered all the students and teachers present, the time spent in asking question was extended again and again, when the compere announced the end of the question part, all the audience gave their warm applauses. 

“what is talent? Talent means display full of one’s wisdom”
“HR department decides employment rules, for those who are equal to the post but do not meet the rules will always be appointed, so the boss breaks the rules.”
Study needs tough effort, I drank coffee to poisoning to get master degree, so once the goal to get master degree was settled down, you should devote yourself to it, never divert your attention.”
“Never think that you will buy your own self  a house as soon as your graduated from university, you don’t want to be housing prize boosters, do you? I lived in workshop with many business pioneering collogues for long time.
Quote from first “Talent education micro-class”

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