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Department of Janpanese Language and Deparment of English Language of Beijing Institute of Technology School of Foreign Languages Directors were invited to visit universities in Taiwan


Enhaced and supported by Beijing Institute of Technology Department of International Exchange and Cooperation, and encouraged by school of foreign languages,the teacher Guo Yujie from department of Japanes lanuage and the teacher Zhang Jian from department of English language went to Tai Wan for a visit and exchange on 21st to 26th Oct during when they visited Danjiang University, Furen University and Yunlin University of Science and Technology, opened an new chapter for school of foreign languages ‘cooperation and exchanges between mainland and strait.


During the visit to each university, deparments directors of Tawan and mainland universites first introduced about their own university, school, and department general information, education characteristic, then discuessed about how to establish school, department under the framwork of universities friendly agreement and more specific cooperation plan, and reached premary cooperation intention. The department directors of mainland and strait also discussed on how schools and departments develops under the new trend, and exchanged ideas about questions in disciplines settings, talent cultivation, education characteristic, administrative mode, developmental plan and internationalization and so on. Both side believed that mainland and Taiwan had common culture background, and schoos and departments of foreign languages were facing with similar opportunities, the cooperative space was great. 

When coming back to Beijing Institute of Technology,the teachers Guo Yujie and Zhang Jian also had an informal discussion with presidents and directors of school of foreign languages, introduced about the result of the visit, and shared their feelings and experiences after the visit to Taiwan. The two teachers put forward a few of their ideas and suggestions for development of school of foreign languages, especially the development in international cooperation.

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