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Wu Tong, student from Beijing Institute of Technology school of foreign languages won second prize in the “FLTRP” National English Speaking Competition in 2012, Beijing Area



On 4th November, the quarter-final of “FLTRP Cup”National English Speaking Competition,Beijing area was held in Tsinghua University. The 2011 grade students Wu Tong from Beijing English language department of Institute of Technology school of foreign languages won second prize with guidance of teacher Liu Lu.


The competition was undertaken by Beijing province college English teaching research society and Tsinghua University, the contestants participating in the competition were from over 50 universities, and all of them were excellent students that emerged from school preliminary contests. The finals divided into two rounds. The first round was impromptu speech, in which through a drastic competition, only the top 15 contestants had the chance to enter into the next round that starts in the afternoon. Contestant Wu Tong in Beijing Institute of Technology successfully get promoted in the first round.


in the second round of the competition, all the contestants gave prepared speech around this years’competition topic “What We Cannot Afford to Lose”at first, then started a three-minute unprepared competition, at last, answered two questions given by two foreign judges one by one.


In prepared speech part, contestant Wu Tong gave his speech on the topic that “We cannot afford to lose perseverance for the sake of our dreams”, stated the important meaning of perseverance for one to achieve his goal with putting real experience of his own inside, and listed success stories of famous ones like Sun Yang, Lincoln and so on. In the following unprepared speech and question answering part, Wu Tong did a good job as well, and won the second prize in the end, ranking the5th Beijing area. 

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