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President Hu Haiyan led a delegation to visit Tanzania and Nigeria



With the implementation of university’s international development strategy in recent years, Beijing Institute of Technology established several cooperation platforms on which the university communicates with high standard universities in developed countries and areas, developed large amount of practical cooperative projects, enhanced university’s discipline construction, scientific research and talent cultivation, and the international education level got improved dramatically. Based on the above mentioned, in order to increase university’s international impact, further develop overseas international students market, and realize the transform from education input to out of university’s international exchange, on 22nd to 31st , October 2012, president Hu Haiyan led a delegation of Beijing Institute of Technology to visit 5 universities in Tanzania and Nigeria, held annual council in Confucius Institute at University of Lagos, interviewed foreign ministry, education ministry, embassy and so on institutions in the country he was visiting as well as local China invested and foreign invested enterprises, and made a success

During the visit, Beijing Institute of Technology signed interscholastic cooperative agreements with University of Dar es Salaam, Polytechnic University of Dar es Salaam and Asia Nelson Mandela University of Technology three best universities in Tanzania, reached intention of joint cultivation and directional students enrolling, and intention of youth teacher training with Arusha Institute of Technology and our university partner University of Lagos in Tanzania. In the meanwhile, through a interview with person from all circles of the two countries, obtained resources and information related to cooperation implementation and university reputation enlarging, established high level and comprehensive student enrollment and international exchange platform. As a visit for the first time, opened work situation in Tanzania, as well as consolidated and extended cooperation with University of Lagos in Nigeria, and made great achievement.

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