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Beijing Institute of Technology School of Automatic Unmanned Vehicle completed its mission successfully in the “Future Challenger 2012 of Chinese Smart Vehicle”


On 31st  October  to 1st Nov. The“Future Challenge 2102”was successful held in Ongniud Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The future challengers is important part of the significant research plan"Visual and auditory information identifying computing”of NNSFC, it is aimed at building unmanned vehicles competition platform according to research result of compound research plan, exchanging and examining research process of our nation’s visual and auditory information identifying computing through platform competition exchange promoting significant research plan to develop in a scientific way. The “Future Challenge”competition was set up in 2009, the one held this year was the fourth session, as well as the largest in scale and hardest completion, it is first to hold the competition in public on real urban and countryside roads environment. Unmanned vehicle takes use of a sensor to do environment perception, uses visual information processing mechanism and methods to processes the signal, and control the vehicles through procedures of information decision-making and execution control and so on. The competition contains 6.9 kilometer-long city road in Ongniud Banner 16-kilometer-long sections in Yu Long Sha Lake countryside road two sections, mainly exam unmanned vehicles Safty, Smartness, Smoothness and Speed four performances 

The competition brings together 14 vehicle fleets from domestic 12 universities and scientific research institutions, not including another 6 vehicles working as judges and provides technologic support. To be a vehicle fleet that participated the game for the first time, Beijing Institute of Technology School of Automatic sent “IN2Bot”vehicle fleet which is found by Integrated navigation and intelligent navigation laboratory that Prof. Fu Mengyin leads to attend the game,

The first section was held in Wudan, Ongniud Banner, Chifeng City on the morning of 31st Oct. the 14 smart vehicles started after brief opening ceremony, the competition required the vehicles to complete 6.9 kilometers city road in 50 minutes, and set up U-Turn, Traffic marks, barriers and son on to test unmanned vehicles’ capacity of avoiding blending with traffic. The “IN2Bot” unmanned vehicle sent to participate the game for the first time by school of automatic performed smoothly, completed the whole journey and surpassed the rest vehicles.

he second section was held on the countryside road of Yulong sightseeing spot, Wudan town, the competition required the vehicles complete 16 kilometers countryside road in on one hour. Then “IN2Bot” vehicle completed the game in required time with no manned assistance, and surpassed another 3 ones, took the lead in finishing the game, becoming outstanding unmanned vehicle that participate the game for the first time.

The “Future Challenge 2012 of Chinese Smart Vehicle” ended, Vehicle team of Beijing Institute of Technology fully showed spirits of bear hardship, work together, striving for excellence, and sound mental outlook of Beijing Institute of Technology, achieved the goal that “ Promote research through competition, compete to exchange”, got full approval of  NNSFC, scientific research institutions and organizers; during the competition, the fleet also exchanged and communicated with relevant departments of NNSFC and specialists groups, put forwarded sincere suggestion for development of the competition, laid solids foundation for school of automatic’s further research of ground unmanned system, and open broad space for school of automatic’s future ground unmanned system research development.

The vehicle fleet believed that they would make greater achievement on the nest future Chinese smart vehicles challenge competition.

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