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Vice president Zhao Xianli met Australia Ministry of Higher Education minister David De Carvaho.


On the afternoon of 1st Nov. a 3 people ‘s delegation of Australia industry, innovation, science research and higher education minister David De Carvalho visited Beijing Institute of Technology, vice president Zhao Xianli met the delegation in conference room 133 at No. office building. visitors accompanied were educational and research counsellor Miss Jen Tyrell of Australia Embassy in China senior executive Miss Lei Xiaofeng. Director Wang Qinglin of international exchange and cooperation office hosted the meeting. 

Vice president Zhao Xianli expressed Minister Carvalho’s coming, and introduced about developmental history of Beijing Institute of Technology and achievements that the university made in recent year in talent education of talent education, scientific research, international exchange and cooperation. He said that recent years the university international exchange and cooperation was developing fast, and officially established  interscholastic cooperation with 180 universities form the world 47 countries and areas, in the meanwhile established stable exchange and cooperation based on strong cooperation in north America, Germany, Spain, Russia and Australia these areas. Australia to be key cooperative district, the university keep close cooperative relationship with Australian universities, so far Beijing Institute of Technology had developed joint training, teacher exchange and cooperation and so on various real projects with 6 universities in Australia he hoped that minister Carvalho’s visit this time could move forward to enhance in-depth cooperation between Beijing Institute of Technology and Australia universities.

Minister Carvalho appreciated vice president Zhao Xianfu for interviewing the delegation. He said that through vice president Zhao Xioanfu’s description, he knew better about history and other information of Beijing Institute of Technology, and deeply felt that its development was closely related to nation and nationality’s development, Beijing Institute of Technology made great distinguished contributions to nation’s and its people’s boom. He said, Australia government had been always encouraging and supporting local universities to enhance connection and develop cooperation, the great achievements of the cooperation between two countries’ universities worth both Australia and Chinese universities’ learning. He also introduced that the white paper that Australia government published on topic “the Australia in Asia Century” said that development of Australia is closely related to that in Asia areas. Australian government encourages all industries of the nation to actively carry out development with countries in Asia, especially to cooperation with Chinese universities in higher education fields. The white paper said that future development of Australia was on its next generation’s hands, in order to promote the cooperation between Australian and Asia universities, Australian government encourages young Australian scholars to study in China. Representatives of Austria believed that international exchange and cooperation is the way that one must go for building top class university, they hoped that through consistent effort and strengthening international cooperation to make 10 Australian universities to be on the world university’s top 100 
Later, two parties held discussion about mutual credit admitting projects, education quality evaluation system, western and eastern Chinese universities combining to assist projests. 




Liu Yanhong and Peng Mei of international exchange and cooperation department attended the interview.

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