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Employment rate of Capital University of Economics and Business remains 95% five years in a row




In terms of employment issue, Director of admission office of Capital University of Economics and Business pointed out
The employment after 4 years’ studying in the university is what student and parents mostly concern about, for our university, the employment in recent five years remains 99%, and we have our most student resource in Beijing district, so most of our student employment is mainly in Beijing area. The graduates from Capital University of Economic and Business firstly are of good quality and personality; secondly, the graduates are of earnestness and, thirdly, are of professional literacy and foundation.

Therefore, the graduates of our university are widely welcomed by enterprises and units. 500 graduates of our university enters banks every year, including head offices or braches of Beijing Bank and so on those financial system, almost 100 graduates are engaged in the four top accounting firms or similar accounting firms. Our graduates also are employed by Beijing Court, Procuracy, Local Tax Bureau, National Tax Bureau, etc. The China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation, Easyhome Corporation, Life Insurance Corporation for example, also employ large amount of our graduates.

I think after the students enter our university, that what the university concerns about student education and what specific measurement has been taken are what students and parents should learn, otherwise, if students are appealed to future career path and employment situation should also be taken into consideration.

Capital University of Economic and Business obtained Beijing municipal excellent graduates unit as early as in 2005 and, every year there were 5 to ten job fairs held in our university, we provide job fair with special areas, and our student system offers personalized learning guidance, psychology guidance and career guidance once upon the student’s arrival at our university.

The international school running makes student better understand global culture
Our university’s international college now sets up international exchange department to take in charge of this piece of work, for example, our university separates the following categories
The first one is the program that opens to public, as long as you are student of Capital University of Economics and Business and meet the basic requirement of the program, you can join in this international exchange program.

The second is share program, for example, the exchange program that school of economics signed agreement with corresponding foreign universities can also share a few quotas with other students’ of schools and departments of our university

The third is exchange program signed between international school and friendly foreign colleges. Seen from the current ratio, the exchange student’s proportion of one grade is 5% to 10%, and now we push forward international exchange program’s process.

This June, our university is about to start the first term of the summer teaching plan, our university has international college of economics management; the employees of this college are overseas returnees of China’s Thousand Talents Program or Hundred Talents Program of the State Council. So what we adapted this year is not only the students go abroad, but also to see whether they will get used to living abroad, because, after all, it concerns if student’s family can bear it, and perhaps students never leave hometown. In this case, we start summer program this year, to introduce excellent masters to China, that means we bring the internationalization in to Capital University of Economics and Business.

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