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Various Short-term Programs of CPU


Chinese Language Program

The Chinese Language Program is designed to promote the Chinese language and culture throughout the world and to help people in various cultural backgrounds acquire a better understanding of China. China pharmaceutical University offers primary, intermediate and advanced Chinese courses according to international students' requirements. Besides introducing Chinese culture and history, group tour will be arranged during holidays.

Tai-Chi Program

Tai-Chi has played a significant role in Chinese culture and Chinese philosophy. It has become an important health-boosting approach across the world. The Program introduces the basic theories of Tai-Chi, including its conception, history of different schools, relationship with Chinese philosophy, and the essentials of Tai-Chi practice, such as respiration, body movement, etc. Tai-Chi of 24-simplified postures or of 42 competition routines will be taught as requested by participants.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Pharmacy

The university is authorized by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to run a program of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy. The program involves lectures on the terms, theory, principle, therapeutics and prescription of TCM, as well as the locations, functions and effects of points. In addition, visit to pharmacy will be arranged to enable students have a better understanding of the production process of TCM at the end of lectures.

Medicinal Diet Program

Medicinal Diet is of high value in the Chinese medicinal treasure house. It is also an important part of Chinese traditional food. It combines the advantages of the healthcare of traditional Chinese drugs and excellent oriental food. People can not only enjoy the good tastes of the food but also relieve and cure their disease and can therefore prolong their life. Medicinal diet is novel, elegant and practical. The medical diet in the training program is introduced to the trainees for proper home preparation.

Qigong Program

Qigong constitutes an integral part of Chinese traditional culture and one of the essential cultural legacies of the world civilization. This program taught by the members of Jiangsu Qigong Research Association is composed of two parts (theoretical and practical) .Through lectures the trainees will deeply understand the scientific principles of Qigong. Through the practical exercises, the trainees will master some practical skills, so that they may strengthen their health and prolong their life.


Acupuncture Program

Acupuncture is one of the important components in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has the advantages of simplicity and efficiency, thus being suitable for self medication and traveling. The lectures involve diagnostic methods and treatment applied by the specialists for diseases such as wind stroke, diabetes, Bi-syndromes, headache, insomnia, fatigue syndrome, sports injuries, and digestive, neurotic and so on. Clinical application of empirical prescriptions and points, special manipulation techniques, fire needle therapy, scalp acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, eye acupuncture will be introduced.


1.      High school graduate

2.      Between the age of 16 and 60, healthy

Application Materials

1.      A completed Application Form for Admission to short-term training Programs (request from your customer service specialist).

2.      Photocopy of senior high school diploma. If not yet graduated, please provide a certificate of enrollment with expected graduation date on it.

Application Period: Anytime
Admission and Duration

1.      Applicants who meet the above-mentioned requirements can apply at any time. Class will be opened once more than 15 applicants are admitted.

Every class ranges from one to three weeks and the time can be shortened or prolonged upon the trainee’s request.

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