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Welcome to Capital Normal University(首都师范大学)

Capital Normal University (CNU), founded in 1954, is a comprehensive institution of higher learning, embracing sciences, liberal arts, engineering, management, law, education, foreign languages and arts, The university serves as an important base for the development of qualified teachers and other talents in Beijing. CNU boasts 17 colleges and departments, 48 undergraduate specialties, 110 master’s degree programs, 13 master’s degree programs of first-class discipline, 41 doctorate programs, 3 doctorate programs of first-class discipline, and 8 post-doctorate programs. Now the total enrollment of the university is 28,926 students. Based on these, an all-dimensional and multi-layered education system has formed up. CNU has been accepting international students since 1965. CNU accepts China Government Scholarship students and international students with Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship. All specialties of CNU are open to international students.

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Welcome to study at Capital Normal University(首都师范大学)