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College of Life Science and Technology生命科学与技术学院
List of Subjects
The College of Life Science and Technology was founded in 2001. Currently, it has 6 teaching and research sections, 5 research institutes, one center for post-doctoral studies (biology), 2 doctoral programs (ecology, forestry genetics and breeding), 6 masters’ programs and 4 undergraduate programs. Currently, there are over 1,000 full-time students at this college, including doctoral students, postgraduate students and undergraduate students.
Currently, the College of Life Science and Technology has 171 teaching and administrative staff members, of whom 22 are professors, 28 are associate professors, 13 are holders of medium professional title and 8 are holders of primary professional titles. 19 of the teachers are under the age of 35. And 66.7% of the teachers are masters. This college has one national key experimental station of field observation, 1 provincial level professional laboratory for basic demonstration, 1 provincial level key discipline (ecology) and 6 teaching labs and specimen rooms. The total area of all the laboratories is 4,516 square meters and the total value of the equipments amounts to 8,550,000 yuan. Besides, this college has nearly 10,000 all kinds of professional books.
At present, the College of Life Science and Technology has undertaken 46 state, provincial and ministerial level scientific research items, of which 17 items have won the state, provincial and ministerial level prizes. The college keeps enhancing the international cooperation and exchanges and it is keeping close academic exchanges and cooperation with the universities and scientific research institutions of many countries including America, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc.
Length of Study
Bachelor’s program: 4 years
Master’s program: 2.5-3 years
Doctoral program: 3 years
Application Time
For international students, the academic year begins in September. The duration for application is from March 1st to June 30th.
Entry Requirements
Undergraduates: Below the age of 30, at least graduate from high school with good schooling records.
Master candidates: Below the age of 35, having obtained a degree equivalent to China’s Bachelor’s degree.
Doctor candidates: Below the age of 40, having obtained a Master’s degree, recommended by two professors or two associate professors.
Tuition Fees
Registration Fee
RMB 15,000/academic year
RMB 400
Master Candidates
RMB 17,000/academic year
RMB 400
Doctor Candidates
RMB 20,000/academic year
RMB 400

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